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By | December 6, 2018

New Kercem Ajax FC Stadium and facilities inaugurated in Gozo 2018

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On Friday, the new Kercem Ajax FC Stadium was presented by the Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport Chris Agius, close by the Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo, Norman Darmanin the President of MFA, GFA Alvin Grech President Kercem Ajax Albert Camilleri.

Moreover present for the presentation evening in Kercem was the Parliamentary Secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Active Aging Dr. Justyne Caruana.


The offices at the club

incorporate a full size manufactured pitch furnished with five changing areas, center, Rehabilitation pool, VIP Room, squeeze room, observer remain and in addition a multi-reason lobby. Another lighting framework has additionally been introduced.

This pitch is being sorted out for both residential youth coordinates and the second division recreations.

This arena has been fused as a feature of the games complex which houses a club house, 5 a-side pitch and amusement zone for youngsters and in addition 2 bocci pitches.

Kercem Ajax F.C.

has likewise reported that it has been effective in an Erasmus+ application for a 8-day venture being held in Malta and Gozo between the eighth and seventeenth of October together with young people from Active Youth Union from Georgia, Russia.

The possibility of this undertaking is for youngsters between the ages of 13-17 years to inspire together to build up an adolescent trade “Impressions in the Sand” which through non-formal learning will build up their responsibility toward European Citizenship and Employability in an a trade advancing a sound way of life through games and open air exercises.

The non-formal instruction will add to new professional aptitudes, including correspondence, client administration and collaboration.

The venture is focused at uniting a gathering of 20 youngsters from Malta and Georgia with a typical enthusiasm for games and furnishing a 8-day program with a strong structure for advancing a sound way of life through games by focusing on the advantages that can be picked up by outside exercises and a functioning way of life.

As found in past activities,

sport assumes a noteworthy job in advancing comprehension, separating hindrances and praising assorted variety.

Unmistakable quality will be given to the significance of advancing a functioning way of life through outside games since the beginning, where through different workshops and intrigue based talks, issues,

for example, dimensions of dormancy and stoutness, the need to help and sustain developing ability, and the plan of advantageous objectives and exhibitions since the beginning are tended to.

A point by point

everyday learning plan and movement and workshop program for this trade is being finished so as to give a rich and positive preparing and formative experience.

The task will enable members from the two nations to partake together in a joint program of exercises that advance a more beneficial way of life through games, in this manner including the dynamic cooperation of a blend of youthful Europeans which enables them to find and end up mindful of various social and social substances, to gain from one another, to build up an innovative soul and fortify their sentiment of being European Citizens.

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